Loki deck box.

Loki $50

Overview: Holds 100 Double-sleeved Cards, Walnut Exterior, Acrylic Interior, Secured Via Neodymium Magnets, Polished With Tung Oil

Our foray into the realm of premium card storage gets its namesake from Loki, the Norse god of mischief. Avid gamers deserve more than the traditional deck box.

We are currently selling the Beta 1.4.5 Loki Deck Box. We are following an Alpha, Beta, and Final release schedule.

The Finest Materials

Walnut is a very durable wood, balancing strength and flexibility for worry-free deck protection against the harshest of battlefields and backpacks. Hand-coated with a protective tung oil to make the beautiful wood grain come to life and protect it from water.

Format Friendly

Holds 100 double-sleeved cards. Plenty of room for Standard, Commander, and Vintage formats.

Iconic Design

Your deck is a carefully crafted masterpiece—shouldn't your deck box?

Neodymium Magnets

No cumbersome clasps or straps. Eight neodymium magnets secure the symmetrical top and bottom pieces. Rated to hold 3× the weight of a double-sleeved commander deck.

Made With ♥ In USA & Canada

Designed and manufactured in Canada and the United States. We source all materials from the USA and run as environmentally conscious as possible, so you won't find any packing foam or bubble wrap in our packaging.

$10 Flat Shipping

Currently shipping via UPS to anywhere in the USA. Canada shipping coming soon. We currently take a loss per parcel, but we are committed to keeping our pricing simple and understandable.


Asgard Gear is an ambitious passion project at the moment. Each phase of release will see improved product design, materials, and manufacturing processes as we grow.

Alpha Release

Introduce the Loki Deck Box.

Every Alpha customer will also receive a FREE Final Release Loki Deck Box.

Current version: 0.1.2

Beta Release

Every Beta customer will also receive a 50% OFF Voucher on Final Release Loki Deck Box.

Final Release

Release final design and open shipping to Canada. Send all Alpha and Beta customers their reward Loki Deck boxes.